Firearm Tactical Training School Courses
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Rattlesnake Ridge Courses
1 Day Tennessee Handgun Permit Class Earn your state training certificate allowing you to apply for your TN handgun permit.
This is a one day course which trains you in general handgun knowledge, cleaning, safety, storage, legal liability, basic marksmanship and more. You will need a quality pistol, holster, two magazines and 100 rounds of ammo to take our course. We can provide the gun, ammo and all equipment with no rental fee when  you purchase the ammo from us.
New shooters are welcome as we excell in teaching new and unskilled shooters and provide great training for experience shooters to prepare them to be legally armed citizens.
Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 Defensive Handgun Class
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Level 1 is ONE day of training
Level 1 covers: Drawing from concealed, Handling Type 1,2 &3 Malfunctions, You will deal with malfunctions while engaging targets Through progressively more difficult shooting scenarios. Perfecting a fighting shooting stance while using proper sight alignment, grip, trigger press and presentation to target at ranges from 3 ft to 15 yards. Introduction to use of cover and concealment and how to engage multiple targets. Failure to yield drills etc. You will nedd about 500 round of ammo...To much to include here.

Level 2: Picks up at level 1 and continues with shooting while moving, advanced shooting stances to facilitate limited cover, weak hand shooting, Tactical and administrative magazine changes, advanced fighting techniques all while continuing to master malfunctions and more difficult scenarios. 600 rounds of ammo.

Level 3: Continues to add actions in a vehicle, while setting at a desk, etc. While encumbered with a briefcase, suitcase, child etc. Practical exercise in use of cover by shooting Through appliance, Vehicles etc. Advanced movement while shooting  and more. 600 rounds required.

Level 4: Gets into the area of Law Enforcement type handgun handling with more advanced scenarios and situational shooting exercise while keeping the gun in the fight experiencing malfunctions and  changing dynamics. Advanced tactics such as shooting thru windshields and two man tactics are practiced. 600 rounds required.
1, 2 & 3 Day Defensive  Rifle or Shotgun Class Each Level is ONE day of training
3 Day Tactical Handgun, Carbine or Shotgun Class Law Enforcement/Military Only
5 Day Force Protection Course For Military Email us for details
1 to 5 Day Low Light Operators Course Heavy use of force on force with simulated ammunition
5 Day Unique Courses for Special Operations Counter Surreptitious Entry, Surveillance Detection, Electronic Tracking and others.
Email us for details
1 to 5 Day Custom Programs Custom programs to meet the needs of your group, organization or just a bunch of friends. Minimum class size is 10. Have your own class without custom prices.
Foreign Weapons Class One or two day classes in the function, operation and use of the AK, SKS, SDV and others
Black Gun Course One or two day classes in the function, operation and use of AR15 style rifles and its variants
1 & 2 Day GLOCK Course Master the function, operation, unique safety features, and trigger of the GLOCK



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