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 Military persons no longer have to train if qualified with a handgun in the service. This is dangerous for you . See our comments At our military permit page    CLICK HERE OR THIS LOGO FOR INFO    


You may click on  ENROLL to schedule a course, email us or call us at 931-648-8132

Rattlesnake Ridge Training Center has been teaching the Tennessee Handgun Permit since 1999. We take pride in high quality, no nonsense, safe handgun permit training.
We run the course as per the state of Tennessee guidelines . We have our own private range and classroom which is state certified and inspected. Our staff of professional instructors teach full time, have extensive experience and are very patient and knowledgeable.
Our primary focus is to instill in our students the proper Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to carry a handgun legally in the state of Tennessee.

Our handgun permit courses are usually taught on Saturday and will begin at 0830 unless otherwise stated. The course takes all day to meet the state requirement of 4 hours classroom and 4 hours range work. We have a comfortable classroom on site with break room, refreshments and a well stocked pro shop next door. We will provide loaner pistols to those without a suitable firearm.
You will need a pistol, holster, 100 rounds of ammunition and clothing appropriate for a day on the range. A hat is nice to have as well as suntan lotion.
We will provide classroom, pen, paper, hearing protection, eye protection, water/coffee, range, targets and the most professional training anywhere in the state.

We encourage and welcome ladies and think they will be pleased with the quality and professionalism we offer.

Our courses may not be the cheapest but just remember.......YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR

We recognize that there are a number of schools in the state. Many do not own or have a range and you must travel to whatever range they might be borrowing or renting. This means you travel twice. Once to their classroom and again to the range. Others use hotels for classrooms, again with the added waste of time traveling to two locations. Some courses are not held in classroom dedicated to firearms instruction. There is a lack of control in quality of training and environments causing your training experience to be less than you paid for.
Our classroom is dedicated to firearms instruction and is co-located on our range by our pro shop. We have rental guns, ammunition and accessories on site. We appreciate your considering us and will do everything possible to provide you with a great training experience.  We will be glad to refer you to a closer school if we are not convenient.

PLEASE: Before you take a course with a part time school, attend classes in a hotel room, barn or a business office not dedicated to handgun permit training OR sign up with a school that BORROWS someone else's range. CONTACT US FOR A REFERRAL. We want you to have a fun, educational experience even if it is not with us.


Links for Frequently Asked questions concerning The Tennessee Handgun Permit Program.
This link goes directly to the Tennessee Department of Safety pages and provides a wealth of information.

What qualifications do I have to meet to get a Tennessee Handgun Permit?
What are the requirements?
OK, I got my permit now in what states can I carry?
How do I get information about a reciprocal state?
I want to do more research. Where can I find more information about laws concerning where I can carry?