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RUGER RIMFIRE is now the National Shooting Sports Federation (NSSF) RIMFIRE Challenge

The NSSF Rimfire Challenge Introduces participants to the fun and excitement of competitive shooting in a safe, low-pressure, family-friendly format. All levels of target shooters - New, Novice and Experienced are welcome to compete. Each will find a challenge appropriate to his or her level of marksmanship.

The NSSF Rimfire Challenge was developed with SAFETY in mind. Shooters are required to compete using a rifle and handgun from any manufacturer chambered in the .22 long rifle caliber. The Target are steel plates that are set in a course of fire that is no less than 5 plates and no more than 7 plates. The course of fire is designed to be completed by even the most inexperienced shooter using one  10-Round magazine without the need to reload "on the clock".
Steel plates provides the shooter with immediate visual and audio feedback and are fun to shoot.

A unique feature of the NSSF Rimfire Challenge is that experienced participants are encouraged to help new and novice shooters move up to the next level of proficiency by sharing their tips and shooting knowledge. Matches emphasize the friendly, supportive aspects of target shooting and competition. This Low-Key competition is enjoyed by all.

The Rattlesnake Ridge staff and Safety Officers are experienced competitive shooters, Certified Range Safety Officers or Instructors with experience in other competitive events.

.22 caliber is much cheaper to compete with and the whole family can participate without breaking the bank. .22 caliber pistols and rifles are very affordable and off the shelf handguns and rifles are well suited for this competition.

All shooters will shoot a stage using a pistol starting at the ready position. No drawing from a holster. Using only 10 rounds with no mag change the competitor will attempt to shoot each steel plate one time. The time will be recorded and this will be repeated for a total of 5 shooting strings at each stage. The slowest time at each stage is dropped and the best 4 scores are totaled for your stage score.
After all shooters have done this with a pistol the starting position is moved back and all shooters repeat each stage with a rifle using the same scoring system.

Competition is open to all safe and responsible individuals who can legally own or handle a firearm.
Parents must be present for anyone under 18.

Please follow the links to the official Ruger Rimfire competition web site for much more detail, videos and rules.