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The below comments are taken from the critique sheets or email response from our students

Jan 2013: Just wanted to say thank you. I had never trained on guns before and only shot a few times with my husband which was not a fun experience. You made me feel comfortable and confident. You taught me without criticizing me and I know I was a difficult student. I started out feeling nervious and finished with a big smile. Im buying a gun from you and getting more training with you while I wait for my permit in the mail. Im telling all my friends that Rattlesnaker ridge is the best place to go . You DO get what you pay for . Thank you for a great time.  J

Dec 2012
I just wanted to say thank you to you and Terri for the class!  I learned a lot and really enjoyed it!!!  I was super nervous about taking the class and shooting with new people that I didn't know, but you all made it very comfortable, like meeting up with old friends!  When you corrected me, you never once made me feel stupid or bad about it!  I will absolutely be coming back for more training (in the spring of course lol)!!!  I have posted on my facebook about how wonderful you all are and I also had the opportunity to tell my new chiropractor about it he said he had some clients that talk about firearms and that he was going to pass it along.   RK


2012: We want to thank you for one of the most professional classes we have ever attended. Your reputation preceded you and you lived up to and exceeded all of our expectations. The level of training at Rattlesnakeridge is so far above anyone else in the area is it amazing any of them are still in business. We will refer you to everyone we know. B

Nov 2010: I just took your last class and I have to admit I was kind of scared. I have no gun experience and was even reluctant to take the course but after talking to Ed he convinced me that I would do well. I had a blast. Eds comfortable teaching style and ability to relate it to my level had me really enjoying the course and eager to learn. I did great and shot 100% on the state test (even thought it is an easy test I had never shot a gun before). I will recommend this course to anyone at any level. Especially the wives of deployed soldiers.  K.L.


Nov 2010: I was enrolled in another school until I talked to a friend who went the week before me to that other school. She was very disappointed in how they rushed everyone thru and could not even answer basic questions but told her to call the state. They did not take the ladies seriously. They had a nice little gun shop but the training was not very professional.  I cancelled my enrollment and went to Rattlesnake Ridge. Cost a little more but it was well worth it. Great classroom and range. All questions answered and Ed even gave me a summary of all the important information for me to take home so I did not have to take notes. Really fun, relaxed with a great learning atmosphere. I aced the written test but "pulled one" shot so I got a 98 on the shooting test. Ed said I jerked the trigger. I bought a gun and went shooting the next weekend....My friend is still afraid to pick up a gun. Where you train makes a difference. Thanks Ed.. CJ


Nov 2010: As a military Officer I did not have to take the course but felt I was missing something and took it anyway. I learned a tremendous amount of information and am amazed that TN allows some military to get the permit without the training. Iím glad I took the course and will recommend it to all in the military. Ed is retired military and knows how to relate the information. The range was not very challenging but the classroom was well worth the trip.

May 2010: I'm military and did not think I needed the course, man was I wrong. TN rules of engagement are drastically different from what I knew from my military training. Or I should say from what I did not know. It was interesting, never boring and although not difficult I really enjoyed it and am glad I took it. I recommend all military personnel take the course. Its not really about the ability to shoot but the decision making process. Ed also gives you numerous hand out which summarize the important points like where you can carry, reciprocal states, how to apply, legal liability summary and more. Other schools only check the block and send you down the road. Rattlesnakeridge prepares you and give you the information ammo to make you a safe legally armed citizen, Thanks Ed.

(Staff) was superb. We were taught more than the minimum. I was shown how to properly handle my weapon and how to properly fire my weapon. I cannot imagine a better atmosphere, for learning, or practice than that at Rattlesanke Ridge: Larry

I had a very positive experience at Rattlesnkae Ridge. It was worth the money and Im glad I attended: "U"

It was very relaxing and non-threatening. Great environment and I will definitely recommend it. I will probably return for more  training in the future: J.M.P.

Im military and did not have to take the course....Or so I thought....Man am I glad I took it. I was never made to feel like I was wasteing my time and I learned a great deal about civilian self defense and the "rules of engagement" for TN and civilian CCW.

Jan 10: J. K. It was cold but the highly spirited and motiviated instructions by Geoff and Ed made it a great day. I came with great reservation as to if I wanted to get the permit. I feel so confident I bought a gun and can't wait for my permit to get here. P.S. Ed let me use his guns free of charge and his prices are better than anyone anywhere if you want to buy one.

Oct 09: Karry: The place down road makes you travel 45 minutes to the range from the classroom and only shoots 50 rounds. I don't think they have time to do more because of the time needed to travel from place to place. They do the minimum. Rattlesnake Ridge has a great classroom, shop, break room and shooting range in one location and fires 100 rounds. Rattlesnake Ridge goes beyond the minimum. I love the handouts summarizing all the key points in a folder so I can reread them every so often...GREAT TRAINING

August 09:  Brian: I visited other schools and was turned off by the aparent disregard of my needs by their instructors. One range even told me to take a course before the Handgun Permit course because they did not have time to teach me how to shoot. I had never fired a pistol before. Ed took me from the basics to full state qualification plus additional training.

March 09: We had a ball. Your knowledge and teaching style kept our attention and keep us informed. What a great place you have. Thanks for supporting our 2nd Amendment rights and for providing such a quality program.

Feb 09: I am military and thought I had nothing to learn. Man was I wrong. Thanks for a dynamic and informative course. I feel sorry for military who don't take your permit course. We don't know what we don't know until we take this training.

Jan 09: I had never fired a gun before your training. I did not want to attend but my husband would not buy me a gun for the house unless I took your course. He had taken your class last year and said it was the best in the area. I not only shot 100% on the test but because of your patience and comfortable teaching style I now love to shoot. My husband is going to buy me other guns and equipment and I will see you again for Level 1,2,3 & 4. Thanks 

Mrs A.B. took the TN Handgun Permit Class Feb 08 and said:
"I really appreciate that you and Geoff are so thorough in the course.  I overheard people talking when I did my permit application about other courses and where they had taken them and that they were several hours shorter than what you teach; I am grateful to have spent the extra time and have further knowledge!"

George took our permit class Jan 08 and said:
Ed, I have had permit classes in other states and took the TN course last year elsewhere but never applied so I had to take it again. The difference in professionalism, attention to detail and informed instructors is amazing. You and your instructors did a great job. I intend to recommend RattlesnakeRidge to all my friends.

Kathy of Ft Campbell took our Permit class in Oct 07 and said:
I was concerned about the "good old boy" routine in Tennessee but I have never felt so good about a course before. Professional and dedicated Ed and Geoff made me feel comfortable and now I know I am now competent and safe to go legally armed but I do understand my limitations. Thanks. P. S. One of my friends took a course in Nashville and came back very unhappy. She was insulted and made to feel week and inferior. She choose not to apply for the permit.

Janice took the Sept 07 Permit Class and said: I had never shot a gun before and was scared. What a great bunch of instructors. My husband tried to show me how but he is a know it all and looses patience with me. Geoff made me feel really confident. I passed the course and want to take more training. I applied for the permit this morning and will be contacting you about buying a Glock.

Rob was also in the Sept 07 class. and said. I am military and could request a waiver from the state for training but decided to take your course at the recommendation of my commanding officer. Boy am I glad I did. Although I had no problem with the shooting portion I did learn a few things about shooting as it applies to civilian self defense. I learned a ton of knowledge about the standard expected of me in handgun and ammunition selection, storage responsibilities,  how and were to carry and not carry and the most critical responsibilities. I thank you for your attention to detail and resolve to ensure we all have the proper skill to be safe out there. I am very happy I took the course it was well worth the money and time. I encourage all military person to take this course and not get the permit without it.

Dave was in the Aug  07Class and said:
My friend went to another course last week because it was cheaper. He ended up asking me questions because he was not sure what was put out in his course. He also does not remember even covering some of the things you covered in great detail. You also gave us handouts you made up that summarized many key point. Where I can and cannot carry, reciprocity states, legal responsibility summary, how to apply for the permit instructions, no TN drivers license instruction etc.  I used these to basically re teach him the thing his "cheaper" course went over too quickly and did not provide him hard copy of.
Your course was well worth the time and the price. Seems these cheaper course are maybe "diploma mills" as my friends experience points out. I made the right choice, Thanks and I will be back for level 1 defensive handgun.