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Avoid legal problems and get proper Firearms Training to the State Standard before getting your handgun permit. The standards are not higher than the military requirements but they are very different. Tennessee firearms and handgun training offered weekly

Military, L.E. and  Armed Security Guards no longer have to take any training if they are qualified with a handgun.

For Military personnel the state of TN will no longer accept a memo. They decided without consulting with the military itself that they want a specific DOD form that will verify you are qualified with a handgun in the military with a certain amount of training hours. This is a difficult form for most soliders to get and many soldiers do not have handgun traning on the records. Just having a pistol qualification badge does not work. Contact the State of TN for more details as I do not support the program. Just a note. Your required training must have happend within 5 years.

If you apply using this waiver you have skipped the formal training that everyone else has recieved.
This is not about shooitng skill but about the "rules of engagement" as a legally armed citizen in Tennessee.

You are now more dangerous than most civilians who have taken the state required  course. You don't know what you don't know. Until you can answer these questions do not feel you are qualified to carry a gun in public in Tennessee. We are not talking about your ability to use the gun but your knowledge and understanding of the civilian Rules of Engagement. Do  you know how to stay out of trouble with the law? You can be arrested or sited for not knowing the correct rules, laws and regulation.
When is it permissible to use deadly force in Tennessee? You might be surprised by the correct answers.

Questions you need to know.
Where exactly can I carry or not carry the permitted gun.
Can I carry any gun?
What about schools?
What if the restaurant serves beer?
Bars, clubs or places where drinks are sold?
How about stores which sale alcohol for off site consumption/
When can I shoot? When I'm scared? When I feel threatened?
Do you know what the two part test is in Tennessee. You should as it might keep you out of jail?.
Is it a concealed carry permit or handgun permit.
Can I have it locked up in my car?
What about third party defense?
What to do if stopped by a police officer?
Do I have to tell an officer I have a permit or a gun?
What if the officer orders me to give him my gun for no reason?
You do not shoot to "Kill" but to " neutralize"...Does this make since to you. If not take the course.
If you cannot answer each of these questions you need training.